Whats Going On

  • We had two awesome guys added in the last two weeks. Jeff and Gary. Jeff is the owner of Advanced Plumbing Systems Inc.  He became friends with Anthony while they were working on Anthony's house.  They took breaks from working on the house to hold Bible studies.  Jeff now employs one... [read more]
  • We had 3 awesome souls added to God's Kingdom today! What an amazing victory for God! Welcome Michael, Aileen and Taino.
  • The Global Leadership Conference this year was a momentous occasion, serving as the movements 10 year anniversary.  It was the first GLC held outside the United States.  It took place in Manila Philippines, since we are a Global movement.  We also celebrated the send off ceremony of our final "Crown... [read more]
  • We are excited to be a part of a global movement and to participate in the Global Leadership Conference in Manila, Philippines.  Since many of our leaders are traveling to this historic event signifying the 10 year anniversary of our movement, we are having many capable guest speakers raise up to ta... [read more]
  • We had an awesome time bowling for Devotional Friday night!  Our leaders lead the way in their bowling scores.  Congratulations to everyone who bowled!


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