The Lord Added to Our Number

Amilcar's BaptismGod is always moving and directing our steps to meet open people who are seeking Him.  The day we met Amilcar and Lydia we had planned a car wash but God caused it to rain out so we could meet this amazing young family.  Making the most of every opportunity, we went to the mall to invite people to our upcoming inaugural service.  Amilcar visited many churches in the area without finding what he was looking for.  He prayed that God would bring the right church to him. We met him in the mall and invited him to church.

baptism-lydiaAfter inviting him out and exchanging information, he excitedly shared the invite with his wife exclaiming, “Look what I’ve got, we found a church!”  They studied the Bible constantly in early mornings and late nights for two weeks until they were baptized!