Holiday Weekend

Everyone is excited about having a long weekend or a day off of work but we are extra excited because we use it as an opportunity to party like Jesus would!

We had a guest speaker for Sunday’s sermon, Jay Hernandez, a dear friend to many of us who came on the mission team here from Houston Texas.  He did a phenomenal job, you can watch his relatable, amusing and spiritual sermon here.  The house of God was packed with family and friends this Sunday to worship God and fellowship.

Our mouths are watering as we look forward to our barbecue on the 4th.  It will be a great time of food, fellowship, fireworks and we’re sure some wont be able to resist studying the Bible with their friends.

Our campus ministry is revving up though it is summer because we have so many interns now on campus reaching out to students.  We have multiple Bible studies daily because people are excited to respond to the word and they want to learn then and there.

Pay for us as God continues to work in our church!