Whats Going On

  • Greetings from New York City, London, Chennai and Honolulu! During Elena's and my most recent missionary journey from October 20th to November 15th, God moved powerfully in New York City at the Women's Tea as the 75 sisters had over 250 in attendance! In London at the phenomenal European Missions Co... [read more]
  • God is always moving and directing our steps to meet open people who are seeking Him.  The day we met Amilcar and Lydia we had planned a car wash but God caused it to rain out so we could meet this amazing young family.  Making the most of every opportunity, we went to the mall to invite people to o... [read more]
  • We had a powerful Inaugural Service today! With just 45 disciples, we had an attendance of 126 join us for our Inaugural Service.  Many members in our movement have family and friends here in Tampa and St. Pete who they were eager to invite out; we also also had members of our former fellowsh... [read more]
  • Greetings from Mexico City, Chicago and Los Angeles! A little more than a week after the historic 2016 Global Leadership Conference onREVOLUTION, Elena & I flew to preach and teach in Mexico City! God has been moving so powerfully in this great congregation, as already in the first eight months ... [read more]